2021 High School Scholarship Application




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    High School:

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    Grade Point Average based on what scale, example 3.75/4.0:

    Creative Work:

    List any communication-oriented projects in which you have been involved in that produced one or more specific projects. These projects might include: videos for cable access channels, motion picture films, photographic portfolios, written articles or essays, musical compositions or arrangements, graphic displays, or any other creative work. List awards/honors that relate to your creative work.
    For each program/project, indicate your involvement or role as well as the year and location where the work was done.
    IMPORTANT: Please provide active/online links to video/visual work, and indicate if a password is needed to view.

    Link to Visual Work

    Field and Work Experiences:

    List internships, field experiences, job experiences and/or community service in which you have participated that relate to the broadcast communication fields.
    For each activity, indicate the location and year as well as whether the activity was a paid or unpaid position.

    School Activities:

    List all activities and/or organizations in which you participated during high school and college. Include any offices you held, school-related honors you received, and any other information you consider relevant.
    For each activity, indicate the year or years you were involved or when the honor was received.

    Career Aspirations Essay: As a separate document, prepare a single-page, single spaced essay that describes what you would like to do upon graduation. Indicate the kinds of employment you hope to obtain once you complete your college education.
    File types accepted for uploads are: .doc, .docx, and .pdf

    Additional supporting documents: If you have any additional documentation you’d like to include with your application, please assemble all into a single file for upload and submit with your application.
    File types accepted for uploads are: .doc, .docx, and .pdf

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