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What is Student Express?

Student Express is our online entry system designed to make the entry process as easy as possible. The entire process takes about 5 – 10 minutes per entry. To submit more than one entry, simply repeat the process and at the end, be sure to choose your payment option.  You must set up a user account in Student Express to submit into the Boston/New England Student Awards for Excellence.

You must create an entry form in Student Express and here is what you will need:

  • ·         Title of Entry
  • ·         Category
  • ·         Submitting School
  • ·         Length:  hour/minutes/seconds
  • ·         First Air Date (MM-DD-YYY)
  • ·         Station First Aired or URL if the material was distributed via internet
  • ·         Entry Summary Description/Précis
  • ·         Submitter Information
  • ·         Email address & role for the entry
  • ·         Phone Number & Address (optional)
  • ·         Credit Card information (if paying by credit card)
  •           Before you begin, please read the Call for Entry, this document contains all of the rules, guidelines, prices and categories.

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