Entrant Judging Agreement

The success of the Emmy® Awards process depends on the willingness of qualified professionals (entrants) to serve as judges. Professional peers in other NATAS Chapters are currently judging our Chapter’s entries. By entering, you agree to serve as a judge when asked.

There will be judging opportunities from 10 other NATAS Chapters from February-October, 2023. As a 2023 entrant you will be notified via Constant Contact email blasts, posts on all of our social media platforms and EMMY® EXPRESS when judging is available.

Check Anytime for Judging by...

- Checking the chapter website newenglandemmy.org
- Visiting your EMMY® EXPRESS account and clicking on ACTIVE PANELS & STATUS
- Emailing the chapter office newenglandemmy@gmail.com

When you login into your dashboard and click on ACTIVE PANELS & STATUS a list of available panels will be displayed. Select a panel and request to be added to the panel. Within 2 and no more than 24 hours you will receive a confirmation that you have been added to a panel.

It is the entrant’s responsibility to make sure their membership or user account profile is up to date. You will find your profile under SETTINGS on your dashboard.

Thank you for your participation!

Boston/New England Emmy® Awards Committee

DON'T FORGET...For completing one judging panel, you will receive a discount on your 2024 entry fees.

If a panel does not have enough judges, you may be assigned to a panel according to your area of expertise.