Professional Entry Deadline
January 22, 2018


Professional Video Upload Deadline
January 29, 2018




First Steps…

The 41st Boston-New England Call for Entry
Rules, Guidelines & Categories

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New Items are in Highlight in the Call for Entry Document.

Four New News Specialty Categories:
7C: Crime-For excellence in coverage of crimes or other violations of the law.
7D: Education-For excellence in coverage of schools, teaching or education.
7F: Human Interest-For excellence in coverage of stories that appeal to the human spirit.
7H: Public/Current/Community Affairs-For excellence in coverage of current community or social issues of general public concern.

 Video Journalist Expanded:
Video Journalist  For excellence by a cross-discipline individual, serving as photojournalist, editor, talent, and writer; covering a single or multi-part story or topic. Entry may not be entered in any other craft category.
40A: Within 24 Hours
40B: No Time Limit

Important Eligibility Rules:

Content entered must have aired for the first time during the calendar year-2017.

Content must be produced for the New England region and must have relevance and/or intent for a regional audience.




“What Matters”

What’s the entry deadline?
Entry “paperwork” must be submitted online through EMMY® Express by Midnight, January 22, 2018. Entries must list each person who should be recognized and pay the appropriate fees for each person listed. The video for your entry must be uploaded before Midnight, January 29, 2018.

Do we need to pay fees for each entrant/person listed?
YES. An entry fee must be paid for each entrant/person listed on the entry. Please have your entrants register (non-member) or join before you start the entry process or you will have to stop and register the entrant.
Entries are not automatically updated to the membership price. You MUST Modify the entry to update the entrants membership fee.

Am I a member?
You can check your member status at any time by using, membership tab on the website.

I need my membership and entry receipts?
Please log into your EMMY® Express dashboard, scroll down, you will see an icon, Access Email. All emails sent are accessible; which will include your receipts.
How can I change entry information or add a name to an entry already submitted?
Please find the EMMY® Express Email Entry Receipt. At the bottom of the entry form is a link to modify the entry; names can be added by modifying the entry. You can modify an entry until the deadline.

:30 Clip For EMMY® Awards Show
Please specify a starting time code for a 30 second excerpt of your entry to be played at the Emmy® Gala if your entry is nominated.

Be Creative
When choosing a title for your entry. The title you choose is the title that will be engraved on your EMMY® nameplate. Your name + Composite does not = creative! Write a Description/Synopsis! It gives the judges more information to go on before viewing your video! Tell them why this entry is EMMY® AWARD worthy.

Spelling Counts!
Check spelling of all entrants’ names and entry titles. Reminder, don’t use quotation marks, special characters or all caps for your Entry Title OR Entrants Name.

If you have a questions please use the contact form to alert us. We answer emails quickly and efficiently, but your patience is appreciated.














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