Entry Process


The Call for Entry document has all of the rules, guidlelines, and categories!


2023 Glossary of Terms

Gather your materials for the 46th Boston/New England Emmy® Awards Submissions

What is Emmy® Express?

Emmy® Express is our online entry system.  To start an entry login to your membership/user DASHBOARD in Emmy® Express.

What information do I need to have to make an entry in Emmy® Express?

  • ·         Title of Entry
  • ·         Category
  • ·         Submitting Organization
  • ·         Length:  hour/minutes/seconds
  • ·         Producing Organization
  • ·         First Air Date (MM-DD-YYY)
  • ·         Station First Aired or URL if the material was distributed via internet
  • ·         Entry Summary Description/Precis
  • ·         Entrant Info (for each entrant)
  • ·         Email Address – OR – Member Number & Last Name
  • ·         Entrant’s role for the entry
  • ·         Non-Member entrants must create a User Account in Emmy® Express
  • ·         Mastercard or Visa information for payment

Do I have to be a member to use Emmy® Express?

No, you do not have to be a member, but you must create a user account to use Emmy® Express if you are not already in our online database.

NOTE:  save on entry costs by becoming a member

Why am I not receiving the member rate?

Is your membership expired? Login to your DASHBOARD and renew your membership,  If you have any trouble logging in contact the chapter office at email newenglandemmy@gmail.com

Who is the “Submitter Contact” on the entry?

This is the person who is submitting entries (i.e. completing the online entry forms) on behalf of the station, company or entrant. This is the first person we will contact if we have any questions or require additional information regarding the entry.  This person may or may not also be listed as an “entrant” as well.

What if I make a mistake? Can I go back and edit my entry?

You may go back and edit your entry up until midnight, January 18, 2023.

NOTE: To change a category or delete an entry you must email newenglandemmy@gmail.com

What forms of payment are accepted by NATAS Boston/New England?

Mastercard or Visa are the prefered forms of payment processed through Paypal.

When can I upload Video?

You must submit your entry before you can upload video.  Once the paperwork is complete you will receive an email confirmation with your ENTRY ID (example of the entry ID, 01-4) number.  You will need this Entry ID Number and Submitter’s email address to begin the video upload process.

Contact Jill at newenglandemmy@gmail.com with any questions.