Promotion Usage & Trademark Policies

All publicity, advertising or any written reference undertaken by nominees and award
recipients to the Emmy® Awards, must clearly state that the awarded achievement is for
a Regional Emmy® Award. The word “Regional” must appear in these instances. The
recipient of a nomination or an Emmy® Award may refer in advertising and publicity to
the fact that they have been honored only for one year after the recognition was
bestowed. They may use a replica of the Emmy® statuette in such advertising.
Individuals who significantly contributed to the production or craft but were not honored
with a statuette cannot specifically advertise they are an Emmy® award recipient. They
can only state they worked on the recognized program.

The Emmy® statuette is the property of and all rights are reserved by The National
Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) and the Academy of Television Arts &
Sciences (Television Academy). The Emmy® statuette may not be reproduced or used
in any commercial manner unless otherwise permitted by NATAS, it being understood
that possession of the same is solely for the benefit of the recipient and the recipient’s
heirs or successors in interest. If a recipient or the recipient’s heir or successor in
interest proposes to sell, loan, donate or otherwise dispose of the Emmy® statuette,
such persons shall be obligated to return the statuette to The National Academy of
Television Arts & Sciences which will retain the same in storage in memory of the

A ® registration mark and the appropriate copyright notice: © NATAS/Television
Academy must accompany any portrayal of the Emmy® statuette or moniker.