Entry Process Begins:
December 13, 2019


Entry Deadlines:

Paperwork & Payment
Friday, January 17, 2020


Video Upload
Friday, January 22, 2020











 The Boston/New England chapter is launching a new and easier way to access judging panels through your membership dashboard
Login to your dashboard now
to make sure you know your member number and password
While you are on your dashboard scroll down and you will see:
Click on the “Active Panels and Status” icon.  If you have been assigned to a panel, this is where you see the panel and you will be able to access the videos to begin judging.  You can also check here for your status with a panel, have you finished or not.
You will be assigned a panel based on your judging preference and which categories you have entered.  You may not be assigned this round but there will be 5 or 6 opportunities to judge throughout the year.



The success of the Emmy® Award process relies on the willingness of entrants to participate on peer judging panels.  Each year the 19 chapters of NATAS create partnerships to conduct judging for each other.

As a condition of entering the Boston/New England competition, you have agreed to serve as a peer judge on at least one panel in 2019.

Failure to complete judging will result in  a fee of $40 added on each of your submissions in 2020.

There will be five or six rounds (opportunities) to judge throughout the year. The first round of judging will begin this week.  Depending on the category, the time commitment is typically, 30 minutes to 2 hours.  Everything is online so you can work at your own pace from any computer, making sure you adhere to ballot deadlines.

You will be assigned a panel based on your judging preference and which categories you have entered.  Assignments and instructions will be emailed.  Check your membership record to make sure the correct email is in your record.

After you have completed your ballot, a confirmation will be emailed to you, hang on to it!

Thank you for your participation in this vital step in the Boston/New England Emmy® Award process.

Boston/New England Awards Committee
Any questions?  newenglandemmy@gmail.com